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VoIP News

  • University dumps Cisco Call Manager for Asterisk PBX (1/9/2008)
    SHSU is in the process of moving its 6,000 students, faculty and staff off of Cisco CallManager IP PBXs and a legacy Nortel Meridian PBX over to Linux servers running Asterisk more >

  • Wireless VoIP Standard Approved By IEEE (1/9/2008)
    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has approved the 802.11r Wi-Fi protocol, which allows Wi-Fi enabled devices to pass between WLAN access points more quickly. more >

  • BSC recommends VoIP for small businesses (6/8/2008)
    The Engineering and Technology Forum of the British Computer Society (BSC) has highlighted the benefits of VoIP technology for small businesses. more >

  • Are Skypes Problems Architectural? (13/9/2007)
    Skype has had its share of bad news lately, with a malware attack following close on the heels of a massive outage. Current events raise questions about Skype technology that won’t, shouldn’t, go away more >

  • IP Telephony Market: Recent Trends (10/9/2007)
    VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), or IP telephony, has become a widespread means of communication today. While earlier this was the choice of only a select few, people are now increasingly adopting VoIP solutions. The number of players in this field has gone up substantially and will continue to increase. The heavy competition prevalent in the IP telephony market has driven service providers to slash their prices and offer a wide range of features. more >

  • IP Telephony Spending on the Rise (30/8/2007)
    Companies are boosting their spending on IP telephony this year, a trend that should continue for at least a couple more years, given that migrating to the technology typically doesn't happen overnight, according to a new report. more >

  • VOIP deployments on the Rise (30/4/2007)
    Plans to deploy VOIP are soaring, but enterprises still have a hard time justifying costs to upper management. more >

  • Cordless Phones to Get VoIP (5/12/2006)
    HONG KONG -- Consumers who know nothing about new Internet telephone technologies but don't want to miss out on the action could be interested in this development: Manufacturers of cordless digital telephones plan to add IP capability to a new generation of home communication and entertainment devices. more >

  • Voip Saves Everyone Money (4/8/2006)
    As broadband penetration increases, voip internet phone users have skyrocketed, with no slow-down in sight. Users are familiar with voip’s cost effective pricing and powerful features, however many people don’t realize that voip is a time and money saver for callers, as well. more >

  • VoIP Systems Will (Ultimately) Enable Better Security (25/7/2006)
    As more vendors add recording capabilities to their VoIP systems, the next steps will be voice print matching and a speech-to-text module for large-scale data analysis more >

  • Criminals exploit net phone calls (18/7/2006)
    Malicious hackers are turning to net phone systems in a bid to trick people into handing over personal details. more >

  • Business VoIP Primed for Strong Growth, Yankee Group Says (27/1/2006)
    VoIP service is on a fast track to becoming a major force in the business world, according to a recent report released by Yankee Group. The group predicts that the business VoIP market will leap to almost $3.3 billion by 2010, from $840 million by the end of 2005. more >

  • Cisco's IP Phones to Revamp an Oil Company's Network (27/1/2006)
    Cisco has begun revamping the communications of Petrom, a Romanian company that is the largest producer of oil and gas in Southeastern Europe. Cisco is now working to deploy its IP telephony system to 3,600 users within the oil company’s infrastructure more >

  • VoIP to Reach 12.1 Million U.S. Households by 2009 (23/11/2005)
    JupiterResearch, a division of Jupitermedia Corporation, announced in its recently released report, Broadband Telephony: Leveraging Voice Over IP to Facilitate Competitive Voice Services, that it forecasts that VoIP telephony services will grow to about 400,000 U.S. households by the end of 2004, and to 12.1 million households by 2009, representing about 10% of all U.S. households. Additionally 17% of all U.S. broadband households will use a VoIP telephony service in 2009, up from only 1% by the end of 2004. more >

  • Retail VoIP Services Market to Reach $20.4 Billion by 2009 (23/11/2005)
    According to VoIP Revolution 2004-2009: The Opportunity, The Market, The Players, a new study by leading telecommunications research consultancy ATLANTIC-ACM, the retail VoIP market will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate CAGR of 64 percent from 2003 to 2009. more >

  • VoIP IC Market To Rocket To $1.3 Billion By 2009 (22/11/2005)
    The voice over IP (VoIP) integrated circuit market has continued to grow as increasing numbers of vendors integrate VoIP features in customer premise equipment. more >

  • Russian Govt Moves to Outlaw 2000 VoIP Operators (4/4/2005)
    Internet telephony (VoIP, or voice over IP) has been a hot topic in Russia since the end of the last century. Thousands of new and relatively small companies are competing on this market, filling the gap left by obsolete telecom monopolies, whose standing, thinking and much of their infrastructure, is largely inherited from the Soviet era. more >

  • VoIP search and SFX app launched (29/3/2005)
    Privately held United Virtualities, based in New York, on Monday introduced downloadable software for recording and searching phone conversations via VoIP. The application, called HotRecorder, also allows people to create a voice mail box for VoIP calls and to forward messages to email in-boxes or mobile phones. more >

  • VoIP security alliance takes off (28/3/2005)
    The security group formed to combat threats to Voice over IP (VoIP) services has finalised its blueprint for the future of VoIP security and doubled its membership within two months. Among its first projects will be to develop a classification and glossary of threats and define security requirements of VoIP. more >

  • The Future of Revenue Growth for Service Providers is Hosted Voice, says AMI-Partners (23/3/2005)
    According to AMI, The SMB market adoption of VoIP will bring new levels of productivity and allow service providers a more strategic position in the SMB IT value chain. Premise-based solutions from Avaya, 3Com, Cisco and others have a head start in this SMB sector, hosted voice services from Covad, MCI, SBC, and Qwest are a key to increased communications. more >

  • Florida works to kill potential VoIP tax (17/3/2005)
    Internet telephony supporters won a big victory in Florida last week when legislators voted in favor of repealing part of a communications tax on businesses that run their own networks. The State House of Representatives voted unanimously on House Bill 49... more >

  • House Approves Internet Access Tax Ban (19/11/2004)
    The U.S. House of Representatives approved today the Senate version of a new Internet access tax moratorium, which bans state and federal tariffs on most Internet connections for the next four years more >

  • VoIP Investments Make Sense Under Bush 2 (16/11/2004)
    Even before the November 2nd election, the FCC was clearly leaning toward the view that VoIP should be treated as an Internet service, immune from state control. It reinforced that view with last week's ruling that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission did not have the power to regulate VoIP provider Vonage. more >

  • Regulator to make concessions to VoIP operators (16/11/2004)
    The German Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts (RegTP) intends to modify the existing rules for assigning local network telephone numbers. It would be doing this to take account of developments in the Voice over IP (VoIP) area, the agency noted. more >

  • European Hosted IP Telephony Market to Grow at 93.2 percent CAGR, Says Frost (8/11/2004)
    New Frost research shows that the European hosted Internet protocol (IP) telephony services is witnessing substantial growth as the outsourcing of telecom infrastructure and services increases. The analysts say adoption of these services is rising among legacy and next-generation carriers in most European countries, but highlight IP Centrex as best positioned to evolve as the most popular service. more >

  • Telcos to be pummeled by VoIP (5/11/2004)
    Residential use of internet telephony could increase to 13% of the fixed-line market by 2008, threatening the core business of traditional telcos to a greater degree than previously expected, according to a new report published yesterday. The report warns telcos that by 2008 over 50 million broadband users in Western Europe could be using private VoIP applications more >

  • VoIP drives WLAN IC growth (28/10/2004)
    Consumer electronics and Voice-over-IP telephones will be two of the biggest application opportunities for WLAN (or Wi-Fi) IC sales, accounting for around half of an estimated $2.8 billion total market size in 2008. According to a study by technology research firm In-Stat/MDR the WLAN IC market has grown rapidly over the past four years more >

  • Senator at VON Calls for National VOIP Standards (18/10/2004)
    Sen. John Sununu (R-N.H), the most prominent ally of the VOIP community on the Hill, addressed a large crowd of true believers Monday afternoon at the first general keynote of the Voice on the Net show here, laying out his motivations behind the major telecom bill he hopes to see written in 2005. more >

  • VoIP Phones Meet Market Demand (11/10/2004)
    It is no secret that VoIP is booming. Network integrators are practically drooling over the vast opportunities in the market. Though the hardware itself doesn't provide much revenue, integrators can create continuing revenue streams in the small- to midsize-business market by implementing VoIP solutions bundled with support options such as scheduled maintenance, firmware upgrades and remote monitoring. more >

  • Everything over IP (8/10/2004)
    Cool new applications — not necessarily cost-savings — will close the deal for IP-based telephony more >

  • VoIP roars in Japan (7/10/2004)
    Japan leads the world in VoIP, especially in consumer IP telephony... more > more >

  • UK Rolls Out New VoIP Numbers (7/10/2004)
    British telecom regulator Ofcom said its approach to VoIP and release of new telephone numbering for it was aimed at encouraging the services through reduced costs and increased competition. more >

  • Nigeria Plans Numbering Plan for VoIP (6/10/2004)
    To ensure an effective implementation of its VoIP strategy, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)... more >

  • VoIP is not only saving money (3/4/2004)
    IPT (IP Telephony) & VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allow users to make and receive phone calls using the Internet Protocol to transmit speech and help integrate voice and data applications. more >

  • Finally, 21st Century Phone Service (6/1/2004)
    Internet telephony promises far more sophisticated features and much lower prices. It also promises to upset the telecom power structure. more >

  • VoIP Regulation in America: A View from the Trenches (21/11/2003)
    In this op-ed piece, John Todd offers some persuasive arguments for why the VoIP industry should look seriously now at formulating its own regulatory stances. more >